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Neutron Controls
Innovation Driven By Market Needs

Development Platform

Our Engineers have over 50 years of contract-design experience with MicroControllers. Their inventiveness has led to the creation of an innovative development platform.
The Redline Platform permits a customer to replicate the on-board performance of an AURIX™ in their target system while providing full access to all available Inputs/Outputs (IO).

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Redline Overview
Carrier Module
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Great Hardware Requires Great Software.

Command Line Interface
Secure Bootloader
Ethernet Interface
Redundant Ethernet Network
Functional Safety
System Validation
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Choose the right AurixTM MCU for your end product.

TC2x4 MCU Module
TC277/29x MCU Module
TC397/TC397-ADAS MCU Module
TC29X MCU Module
TC2x4 MCU Module
Power Module
Bootloader Module
Camera Module
Brushless DC Motor Control
OTA Module
Ethernet Module

At Neutron Controls, we’re always in an engineering mode.  More Interface Modules are under development.

Configured System Examples

Integrated Development Environment
Redundant Motor Control
Redundant GigaBit Ethernet Networking