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Microcontroller Support

Embedded Software
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Technical Training

Two Support Models

Neutron Controls offers a classic and premium support model, specializing in applications built on and around Infineon’s AURIX™ TriCore™ based Microcontroller platforms.  Our design house is experienced in embedded software and hardware design in the areas of industrial, agricultural and automotive applications.  As well as embedded systems we have expertise in desktop, web based, mobile application and test equipment development.

Application Architecture & Design

For AURIX multicore MCUs. Extensive knowledge of AURIX architecture and embedded peripherals. Custom Board Support Package tailored to the hardware design including:

  • Board bring up
  • Hardware abstraction layer / low level device drivers
  • Communication managers/stacks available for all major physical protocols
    • LIN, CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay
    • Ethernet
    • SPI, I2C, UART
  • Security authentication and safety algorithm design
  • Signal processing algorithm design
  • Bootloader design
  • Real Time Operating System support
  • Application development environment:
    • TriCore™ tool chains for C/C++ compilers; GCC and Tasking
    • In application and hardware debuggers
    • Tool chain set-up and training available
  • Code compliance to industrial/automotive standards

Infineon AURIX™ Deep Dive Training

  • 2-4 Day Software Implementation BootCamp:
    • AURIX™/MCAL 101 training for new customers.
    • Includes a deep AURIX learning session.
  • 2-day Hardware Design Consideration BootCamp:
    • AURIX™ pin mapping, Board Layout and Schematic
  • 2-4 Day Functional Safety Training
    • This session is led by our in-house FUSA Expert, focusing on process an project plans to achieve FUSA certification

Preferred Design House Support Models



At this level we offer AURIX™ technical support related to:

  • Embedded Peripherals
  • Core Architecture
  • Infineon Low Level Driver (iLLD)
  • Infineon AUTOSAR MCAL
  • Tool Support and tool setup
  • Basic Board Support Packages

Functional Safety / ISO 26262 Support

Neutron Controls can guide your AURIX™ product development through all parts of the ISO 26262 standard, including:

  • Integrating Safety Elements out of Context (SEooC) = AURIX™ into your design
  • Hazard analysis and risk assessment review
  • Automated verification, testing and fault-insertion
  • Functional safety management, as per ISO 26262 part 2
  • Functional safety concept definition and review
  • Technical safety concept derivation
  • Optimized workflows adapted to individual development processes
  • Software development – software architecture definition and partitioning, alarms and reactions of the AURIX™ Safety Management Unit (SMU), linking safety requirements to code, unit software testing

ISO 26262:2018

The second version of the ISO 26262 standard has recently been released, which now includes the following vehicle types:  commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and even motorcycles.  If you are new to the ISO 26262 standard, choose Neutron Controls to make your systems compliant.

At this level of service we provide partial to full service design solutions, manufacturing paths and project management.

Project requirements review and delivery schedule

Embedded system design and testing:

  • Board development
  • Component selection
  • Evaluation board design prototyping
  • Spice circuit simulation
  • Schematic capture and board layout
    • Cadence OrCAD/Altium Designer e-files
  • Compliant to safety and regulatory approval standards


  • Development tools
    • GCC/TASKIN C/C++ compiler
    • Eclipse IDE support
    • Debuggers
  • Over all application architecture
  • UML support documentation
  • Custom Low level driver development
  • Custom communication/timer/task manager development
  • Power management
  •  Middleware
    • Infineon iLLD/MCAL/Safe Tlib/DSP
    • RTOS
    • Communication stacks
  • Code compliant to safety standards
  • Source version control


  • Bare board manufacturing
  • Component population
  • In circuit testing
  • Functional testing
  • Customer compliance testing


  • CAD Design SolidWorks and Pro/ENGINEER
  • FEA Simulation
  • Prototyping modeling


  • Board manufacturing
  • Component supply chain
  • Component population
  • Production Support equipment
    • Custom Flash programmers
    • In Circuit Testing
    • Functional Testing
    • Mechanical Run Test Fixture